If you are going to San Francisco

19. Oktober 2015 - gesus - Lesezeit: 5 - 6 min.

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Early in the morning we have a small breakfast and leave Yosemite National Park for our final trip to Dublin, CA next to San Francisco where we have to drop off our vehicle. A sad moment, when you realise that now the final part of your vacation starts. But on the other hand we are really looking forward to see again this wonderful city.


At the car rental we step outside our RV and say goodbye to it.

It is cold, frigging cold in San Francisco. The last places of our journey have been very warm and even hot. So we wear casual clothes with t-shirt and shorts. This is definitely not adequate for San Francisco in June. A lot of people checking in at our hotel seem to have the same problems. Our first try to explore the city only lasts for a few minutes and we go up to our hotel room to change clothes.


San Francisco is the only city I really love. Usually when I visit cities I am very glad to leave them after a day. Not so in San Francisco. This city has a vast variety of beautiful places. I would love to have one or two weeks to explore it.


We have a brilliant time here. We buy a visitor pass to be able to travel to the places we want to see by bus, train or the legendary cable car. Our hotel is located next to the cable car station on California St. & Van Ness Ave. so we can start our day trips with that historic attraction of the city.


On one day we visit the famous island of Alcatraz which is part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and formerly used as a prison. Nowadays the island is a memorial and a big refugium for sea birds. Thousands of tourists visit this crowded island to get an impression about its history and how it might have felt to be here as a prisoner.


The building which touches me the most is the Golden Gate Bridge. Although we have already seen it, I could spend hours and hours on going over it or seeing it from different locations. So on one day we do a big hike from our hotel to the bridge crossing beautiful Crissy Field. There we take a cab to get to the Sausalito side and then we go the way up to see Battery Spencer and finally end at Kirby Cove.

Golden Gate Bridge

On another day we take a short drive to Alamo Square to see the “Painted Ladies” – the Victorian buildings there and afterwards we see the City Hall of San Francisco.


All in all we have only four days to spend in this city. This is too short, much too short. So it is a sad moment when the last day of our magnificent journey began. We have seen a lot of this country. We met nice people from the U.S. and from all over the world and of cause: we met our beloved family. So there are a lot of reasons to come back and we will come back, I promise! :-)