Los Angeles

22. September 2015 - gesus - Lesezeit: 4 min.

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Los Angeles

This is the first part of my approach to write about our vacation we had in 2015. Since we came back from our first journey to the U.S. in 2013 it was clear that we will come back soon, because we felt in love with this country, its people and the nature.

Our family in Los Angeles gives us a warm, heartily welcome when we arrive from Germany. So this is a magnificent start of the vacation. On the next day we have good luck at the car rental, because we booked a car at the lowest rate and “unfortunately” they only have got a Ford Mustang for us. What a pity! :-D


Driving in the streets of Los Angeles with this car is really cool. But on the other hand going by car in L.A. is a mess because of the heavy traffic everywhere in the city. Sunday morning was the best time to take a ride to Downtown Los Angeles. The streets were almost empty and it didn’t take too long to go there.

Interstate 405

For me Los Angeles is a city I know from several TV shows telling stories of the daily life there, the freeway, the big buildings, the problems of the big city. It’s like a dream to drive by this locations and to feel how much changed and how many things are like they are shown on TV.


We enjoy riding Mullholland drive which gives you a breathtaking view over the city, watching the skyline in Vista Hermosa Park, relaxing at Santa Monica Beach or “hunting” for the best location to see the Hollywood Sign.

Hollywood Sign

And the time in Los Angeles is – once again – too short. It is a very sad moment to say goodbye to our awesome and loving relatives there. After a couple of days in the city we change our Mustang to a 22 feet long RV which will be our home for the next three weeks.

Topanga Beach

California Republic