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Mather Point, Grand Canyon, Arizona

In 2013 my wife and me travelled to the United States of America for the very first time. It really was a dream for me. As a student I came to the decision that I have to see this country in the near future.

Unfortunately it lasted a lot of years unless we finally did the trip. And we both are sure, that this won’t be the last time we went there.

In Los Angeles we met our wonderful family and rented an RV to start our tour to San Francisco, which was 2.400 miles long and took us to the following destinations:

  • Joshua Tree National Park, California
  • Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona
  • Navajo Bridge, Arizona
  • Lake Powell, Arizona
  • Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah
  • Zion Nation Park, Utah
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Lake June, California
  • Yosemite National Park, California
  • San Francisco, California

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1. Joshua Tree National Park, California

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Most of the people we talked to couldn’t understand why we wanted to visit this National Park. They said: “Okay, it’s the desert. So what?” As a middle European guy I never saw a real desert, so it was new to me and it was a very good experience I will never forget.

I never thought, that hiking in the desert at above 100º F (38º C) is fun. Before the trip I was convinced that this is only exhausting and hard.

Joshua Trees and Rocks


2. Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

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Everybody knows about the Grand Canyon. Some say it is the most popular tourist attraction of the United States. For sure you can read anything about it and see almost every picture of it, but when you are really standing in front of this gigantic hole in the ground for the first time you will be paralyzed.

Here we learned to love US National Parks. Although there were thousands of tourists, it didn’t feel very crowded. The park rangers and the park infrastructure were very well and so you can go on several hikes, explore the park with your car, with the free bus shuttles or you can join the park ranger program.

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Mather Point, Grand Canyon, Arizona

3. Navajo bridge, Arizona

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A bridge above the Colorado River… a gigantic view which will let you know how difficult it might be to build a bridge connecting both rims.

Navajo Bridge


4. Lake Powell, Arizona

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It is a little bit bizarre, when you leave the desert and drive to this lake. Almost everybody wants to do water-sports there and the lake is surrounded by the aridity of the desert. Nevertheless it was quite refreshing to stay a couple of days there.


Glen Canyon Dam

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5. Antelope Canyon, Arizona

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Who hasn’t heard about this Canyon? When we started our journey I thought, that Antelope Canyon will be one of the main attractions on the route. As we were there, we made the experience that indeed it is an especially beautiful cave/ canyon but it was very crowded, too crowded. A photo tour through that Canyon was too short and very stressful. But nevertheless it was really amazing.

Upper Antilope Canyon


6. Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

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I have never seen comparable landscape shapes. You walk or drive through this national Park and think that you are on another planet. A hike to the ground of the Canyon is highly recommended.

Sunset Point


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7. Zion National Park, Utah

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Zion National Park has some impressive rock formations and a lot of hiking trails. If you want to drive through the Mount Carmel Highway Tunnel with an RV you have to drive very carefully. Stay on the middle of the road, otherwise the roof of your RV will crash against the inner surface of the tunnel! I will never forget this tour (Fortunately it was very easy to drive there and nothing happened to the RV’s roof :-) ).

Zion Mount Carmel Highway

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8. Las Vegas, Nevada

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Nothing to say about Las Vegas, everybody knows it. There is no place in the world which feels more artificial. After a night or so, you lose the feeling of time and you flow with the most people there… just gambling. You have to love it or hate it… I love it ;)

New York New York Hotel

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9. Lake June, California

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This place on the east boundary of Yosemite National Park reminded me of the alps. Beautiful lake June was too cold to go swimming there, but it is located in a terrific scenery with snow-capped mountains all around.

Lake June


10. Yosemite Nation Park, California

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Another Planet. The first thoughts I had on the first miles of the Tioga Pass: The landscape looks like a picture book. Everything is so beautiful and looks perfect. We spent almost a week there and I still have the feeling that this was much too short.


Half Dome

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Yosemite National Park was the last destination of our RV-tour. After that we had to drop off our motorhome in San Francisco. We traveled 2.400 miles within 22 days, burned 190 gallons of gas, visited four US states and six national parks. Going that tour by RV was really great, I think it was the best way to do the trip.

Check out our route on Google Maps.

11. San Francisco, California

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After all those lonesome places (except Vegas) we visited San Francisco. What a city! We have to come back there. I never thought that walking on the Golden Gate Bridge was so affecting. I couldn’t believe it, but it was so moving. This is only one fact why San Francisco is so cool; the people, architecture, the climate… everything was perfect. I think San Francisco has become my favorite city of the world.

Golden Gate Bridge

Unfortunately San Francisco was the last destination on that journey. There are a lot of things to see in this country, and we will come back. That’s a promise.

Cologne, Rhine River Promenade

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If you travel to Germany, you have to see the city of Cologne. It is famous for the extraordinary Carnival and the Dome. But in almost any part of the city you find beautiful places with nice architecture and lovely people.


The Cologne Waterfront is a very impressive part of the city. If you walk from the city center southwards, you get to an area, where sophsticated architectural buildings are situated.

The “Kranhäuser” are a landmark, which can be seen from far away. The “Crane-buildings” were developed by Linster, Bothe, Richter, Teherani and look like this:



Below: “Kranhäuser” seen from the other side of the Rhine River (Schäl Sick, Kölsch: “wrong side”)



If you continue your journey southbound, you get to the Oval Offices (Architects: Sauerbruch and Hutton) at the Railway station “Schönhauser Straße”.

Oval Offices


Patio air


You can see all photos on the flickr photo set.


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Storage rack

Finally the winterbreak is over and I managed to take some new pictures. Really missed the smell of old machine oil and industrial decay ;-)

The following photographs are taken in an old chamotte production site in Germany.

Ring binder

Pallet jack



Fire exit



You can see all photographs on the Chamotte factory fickr-set.

Black and White revisions

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It was cold outside and I was too lazy to do some photographs, so I went through my old pictures and created some hard boiled black and white revisions.

Crank B&W Fuse Box B&W Tank B&W Ceasefire B&W   Blue Bridge B&W You can see all the photographs in the flickr-set b&w revisions

Tiger Study

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A study of a young tiger and his mom.

Tiger and perforated ball

Swimming Tiger


Tiger's mom


You can see all picture of the Tiger Study on Flickr.


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Geleucht by g3sus

“Geleucht” is the title of this landmark situated in Moers, Germany. This memorial is about the decades of coal mining in this area and it stands on top of a spoil tip of a former coal mine. The landmark – designed by Otto Piene – is illuminated every night and is part of the “Route Industriekultur“.

Room with no view

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Room with no view by g3sus

This is a picture of the state archive of North Rhine-Westphalia. It shows the upper part of the building which has absolutely no window. This leads to the almost ridiculous look of this piece of architecture… a room with no view.

pump station

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pump hall by g3sus

A wastewater pump station in NRW, Germany. Thanks to Patrick for the fisheye lense.

The building was built in the beginning of the 20th century and isn’t occupied yet. Industrial buildings of that time were constructed with a lot of ornaments and beautifications, we aren’t used to, if we take a look at contemporary industrial architecture. The shape and the character of this building reminds of a church and beeing there was very impressive.

Take a look at all of the photos of that pump station on flickr.com.

Control box and moss

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Schaltkasten im Moos

This picture was made on the most impressive object I have seen so far: an old papermill in Sauerland, Germany. One part of the building (approx. established in the 1840s as a cloth factory) was drystone walled, the other part was made with modern bricks.

The factory was abandoned in the 1970s and nowadays there are growing some birches on the rooftop. The roots of those trees are visible everywhere, even on the ground store between the joints.

On this photo vegetation and electric cables are growing out of the wall. With the years the control box floated down entwined by vegetation, which ist carrying it.

Below you find a few other impressions from there.



dunkles Treppenhaus



Take a look at the whole picture set on https://www.flickr.com/photos/g3sus/sets/72157624922929077/with/5031234053/


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This photo was taken in a paintshop of a former clothing factory in NRW, Germany. A clothing factory was really typical for this region and consisted of a variety of different divisions like to name but a few: the carpenters’, painters’ and printers’ shop, a metal working facility, divisions of textile and surface design. As we were there, you could see all those divsions, but as usual, all of the machines were not there (probably sold after factory closure).

The best thing of this tour was the nearly complete divsion of textile and surface design. There was an archive with thousands of pattern of cloth and design patterns.

funky patternscloth - 1948Chief Ashogbon Olundegun


You can see a few, if you take a look at the flickr set.


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