21. Dezember 2014 - gesus - Lesezeit: 2 min.

urban exploration

I really love it when people say that they like my pictures. Often people ask me where those urbex locations are. Answering this question is not so easy.

The atmosphere of the urban exploration pictures lives from the fact that everything seems to be very lonesome and unsullied.

When I visit a location I’m very lucky if there’s no grafitti and no vandalism. For me the ideal photograph is about untouched decay. The more photographers talk about their locations, especially in social networks and in the internet the more crowded those locations get. And the more crowded the locations are the more owners of locations will do something against photographers and guys like them. An increase of possible vandalism is connected to that, too. So that’s not what I want and that’s why I don’t say anything about my locations on social networks or on the Internet.

Thank you for your understanding.