Military Museum

8. Januar 2014 - gesus - Lesezeit: 3 min.

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Last November we visited an abandoned museum. It was about military technology and a lot of exhibits were just standing on an acre or a yard like the soviet-designed medium twin-turbine Transport helicopter Ми-8 (Mil Mi-8, see above).

Lots of tanks (mainly German Bundeswehr or Former Warsaw Pact army), police trucks, a few combat aircrafts, military helicopters as well as civilian helicopters are just standing there under the open sky and are fully exposed to wind and weather. The pictures show, what all the corrosion made to those former high tech military products.

When you approach to the location, you can see the MiG-21 (МиГ-21, called “Fishbed”) from far away.


In the front garden of the neighbor’s house you can see an old police-vehicle with a water cannon on it. Wasserwerfer 64 was designed by the police of West Berlin in 1964. “Bitte Abstand halten” means “Please keep your distance”.

Wasserwerfer 64

The BTR-60 (below) was an armored soviet personnel carrier. The vehicle was used by the NVA (East-Germany).


A second exemplar of a Mig 21 was standing in the yard. The soviet supersonic jet fighter once was owned by the NVA and became a Bundeswehr machine after the German reunification.


On the image below you can see the soviet 2S3 Akatsiya self-propelled artillery vehicle.

2С3 Ака́ция

The image below shows a German Kanonenjagdpanzer 4-5.


You can see all pictures on the flickr set. Thanks to Patrick for all the technical infos.