Poussière Rouge

17. März 2014 - gesus - Lesezeit: 2 - 3 min.

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The Luxemburg-trip was very successful. After le petit Café we started over to an abandoned iron ore production site. One of the remaining buildings of that site was some kind of huge silo hall.

Water Pit

Poussière Rouge

The silo was divided into two parts: one was crossed by red dust of the iron ore (see above) and the other part was maybe colored by the lime which was mixed to the ore (see below).

Poussière Blanche

Seaux Surexposées

Down in the basement there was a water pit and some kind of outflow device for the ore. I have completely no idea, how exactly the ore was produced here but the decaying remains of this structure were a very impressive experience. We were very lucky because the weather was fine and so we got the first sunny days of the year… and the sun gave us a very special light condition there.

Down the Drain

Éclat vert

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