Centrale Électrique

19. März 2014 - gesus - Lesezeit: 2 - 3 min.

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This location was a little bit weird. It was the 3rd destination on our Luxembourg-Trip. After we visited le Petit Café and Poussière Rouge this power plant was the next on our list.

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Monstre de Refroidissement


Usually when we enter an industrial brownfield area we are on our own. Everything is abandoned and quiet. From time to time you meet another photographer. But at this location everything was different.


Control center

10 or 20 photographers plus a lot of teenagers were in that area and in that building. A few played soccer in the basement of the former power plant.


Well I am quite sure that I don’t want my children to play in a place like this. All the broken glass and the unstable ground plates are not a safe place, indeed.


Although there were no machines in there and almost everything was demolished and covered with graffiti, the location was very special and impressive.