Paper Mill revisited

4. August 2014 - gesus - Lesezeit: 3 - 4 min.

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In a previous post I reported about an old abandoned paper mill in Germany. This factory was the most impressive object I have ever visited, so we started another attempt to get some good shots there.


Although pictures of this location have spread out of all urban exploration sites I know, the location still is some kind of untouched and not as cluttered with waste as you might expect when you think of a big factory which is decaying for almost 40 years.


The last visit was approximately two years ago and things changed a lot. Nature took back more and more. The most impressive item there still is the giant birch on the top of the really old part of the factory. The roots of it are getting thicker and thicker and they more and more blast the masonry. Unfortunately it was some kind of impossible to document this giant tree in a fascinating way.

Ferns, Paper Mill, Germany

To do photographs in this location is very difficult, because you have extremely dark and extremely bright objects next to each other. And the rotten atmosphere is so exciting that it is difficult to concentrate on image composition and things like that. So when I was back home I had to recognise that the number of good photos was not as high.


The picture set is some kind of the second try documenting the unique appeal of this location. Click here to see the complete photo set on flickr. If you want to compare these shoots with older ones, feel free to follow this link to an older flickr set.