Coking Plant

14. Januar 2014 - gesus - Lesezeit: 3 min.

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Some months ago I visited  a former coking plant. These of the pictures try to show the the incredible atmosphere


This coking plant and the surrounding area looked like a cathedral which was bombed in World War III. Those two huge chimneys of the former coking plant have been blown down to secure this brownfield area but they were expected to fall down to the grassland and not into the building. On the picture above you can see the damage of the building due to that fallen chimney.

This is the blasted chimney.

Warzone Cathedral

Walking on this area felt like walking within a ware zone. Everything looks like bombs have fallen down and huge relicts of the former industry buildings are getting overgrown by vegetation.

Going up to the control tower was a very special feeling with a beatiful view of that building and the swath of destruction which was reclaimed by birches, bushes and buzzards.

birch cathedral

Out for a break

The entire factory was disassembled in Germany and rebuilt in China in the 2000s.

Chinese Handcart

Coking Hallway


You can see the entire photo collection on the flickr-set.