Grand Canyon North Rim

3. Oktober 2015 - gesus - Lesezeit: 4 min.

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We say goodbye to Page, Arizona and come back to a place we already visited two years ago. At that time we visited the South Rim which is the most popular part of this National Park. This time we want a little less crowded stay. North Rim is at an elevation of 8255 ft. – a couple of feet higher than the South Rim, so it gets really cold at night and there are less places to stay.

We drive through an area in which a big fire took place a few years ago. But the ecosystem is recreating from that and after that big fires new plants and trees restart growing. If you look out of the window you see only black-colored tree stumps and heathland. But if you stop and go a few steps into the former wood you easily recognize that you’re walking on burnt wood… on ashes covered by grass and other plants.


A few miles later, you leave the burnt area and you are driving through the woods. Suddenly – out of the nothing – the signs tell you that you have just arrived. The forest ends and in front of you there is one of the most astonishing views you can imagine: Grand Canyon – a grand hole in the ground.


There is a scenic drive and you can – in contrast to the South Rim – go there by your own car. The difference in elevation is immense. Our RV has a lot to do and burns a lot of fuel to drive the steep roads. Nevertheless it’s all worth it, you will be rewarded with breathtaking views.


The buildings here at the North Rim are very special. The Visitor Center and the Grand Canyon Lodge are huge brick wall buildings giving you the opportunity to have a relaxed stay here. The lodge is a good restaurant in the evening. It is opened the whole day and the best thing about it is the terrific patio. You can sit on the wooden chairs, put your feet up and just take a long, long view over the canyon.